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Fifteen Employment Workshops

Your bridge to the futureSince 2009 I have visited over 60 town libraries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island talking to patrons about job search strategies. Other groups that have benefited from these employment workshops include schools, religious organizations, adult education programs, businesses that have had layoffs, and a host of other groups that have members who are looking to secure employment.

Resume Writing Review

A round table group format where we discuss resume writing in general, including how to address key word search techniques. We will also dissect both chronological and functional resume samples. NOTE: Participants are encouraged to bring their existing resume for confidential one-on-one analysis.

Cover and Thank You Letter Review

A group setting discussion and analysis of various letter writing samples. A review of acceptable formats is included in the discussion.

Interview Workshop

An interactive and informal question and answer session where we role-play typical interview questions and how best to answer them. The seminar also includes ways to avoid job candidates’ most common interview mistakes.

Interview Workshop Part Two: Behavioral Interviewing

These are scenario-based questions that require a story like response. There is a strategy used to effectively answer these questions called the STAR style of interviewing. We will review this methodology in detail.

Interview Workshop Part Three: Tell Me About Yourself

Often the most common question that begins an interview is, "Tell me about yourself." Job applicants should welcome this question with open arms as it gives them a beautiful chance to talk about themselves in the most positive light. The concern for most people is that it is too big a canvas. The question is very general and most people don't know where to start, what to include, and when to end their answer. This is a critical part of the interview because it is often the very first question that is asked and sets the stage for the remainder of the interview. In this workshop, we will discuss best practices as it relates to what to say, what examples to highlight, where to begin, and when/where to end to make it a compelling story. This highly interactive workshop will leave you with a new-found confidence about how to talk about yourself.

Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

Prior to COVID-19 many companies were implementing phone and video interviews as part of their hiring process. Now virtual interviews are becoming commonplace as it relates to remote hiring. This Zoom workshop will address many topics including ideal locations and conditions for conducting the interview, the importance of body language, technology overviews, appropriate dress codes, and strategies to build confidence.

The Importance of LinkedIn

Did you know that there are over 467 million LinkedIn users worldwide? Two people join every second of every day. We will review best practices as they relate to online profile creation and managing one’s account. We will also discuss the many additional usages of LinkedIn including the importance of joining groups and getting others to offer testimonials.

Online Job Search and Resume Submittal Workshop

We will analyze and discuss numerous online search strategies including job alerts, job boards, job aggregators, and company employment pages. We will then discuss how to best utilize these web sites for submitting one’s resume.

Avoiding Age Discrimination

A Workbook for Baby Boomers: People often worry about age discrimination when seeking new employment, spending an inordinate amount of time convincing themselves that they are no longer relevant in the workforce. We will address how job seekers can overcome age bias and turn their fears into selling points.

Changing Careers

Reinventing Oneself in Today's Job Market: Transitioning into a new profession can be a challenging and daunting undertaking. We will discuss and explore various strategies to help make the transition from one industry to another a smooth one. This is a group discussion where everyone's experiences and opinions are welcomed.

Salary and Benefits Negotiation

For many individuals, discussing compensation with employers is a risky and uncomfortable endeavor, yet it is imperative that people have the necessary tools to advocate for themselves. Is the salary commensurate with your market value? Can allowances be made with respect to additional vacation time and increased stock options? We will discuss strategies to help bolster confidence and gain knowledge as it relates to business negotiations. UPDATED NOTE: Massachusetts is now one of several states where employers are no longer allowed to inquire about a prospective applicant’s compensation history. We will discuss the ramifications of this new law.

The Art of Networking

Job fairs, corporate hiring events, Meetups and other online social media platforms are just some of the avenues where people can promote their networking skills. While attending these events and dropping off a resume is a good start, deeper engagement is required in today’s job market. We will discuss networking strategies to better enhance your employment attainment prospects.

Managing Job Search Stress

Securing new employment is no small task. Whether someone is out of work or unhappy in their existing job, the process of finding a new opportunity is a challenging series of interrelated steps. Navigating through this process can be a difficult proposition. We will discuss various methods to help manage stress.

Adjusting to a Changing New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact on employment issues and job search trends. This interactive virtual Zoom meeting will address a series of topics including, but not limited to working from home, remaining positive and productive amidst disruptions to everyday life, building relationships through collaborations, and taking advantage of free online tools.

A Guide to Interviewing for Graduating Students and their Families

This skills-based workshop is geared toward high school students embarking on college interviews and college graduates facing employment interviews. Human Resource Managers and College Admissions Officers have high expectations as it relates to interview processes. In this session, we will learn a variety of strategies to help students navigate through this challenging experience. We will review key preparation checklists and examine best practices to help create a unique voice that will separate individual students from the pack of others. We will also discuss social media and the dangers of posting too much.

About Gary Gekow

Gary Gekow is a Senior Employment Specialist/Career Coach with 30 years of recruiting and employment services experience in the Boston staffing industry. He works closely with client companies in many industries and job seekers in various specialties.

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